CTIS 261 Computer Networks I

2012-2013 Spring

General Information

Instructor Hamdi Murat Yıldırım / Office C E118, Phone: x5072

Web Page http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/~hmurat

Course Credit 4 (4 hrs. lecture in the lab)

Sections 001 and 002 (all sections)

Short Course Description: CCNA Exploration-1: Introduction to computer networks. LANs, WANs and Internetworks. Protocols and Layered models. The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. TCP/IP model. Application Layer Protocols and services: DNS, www, e-mail, FTP, DHCP, P2P, Telnet. OSI Transport Layer: TCP and UDP protocols. OSI Network Layer: IPv4 protocol and addressing: Special addresses, subnetting. Routing. Data-Link Layer: Media access control techniques. MAC addressing and framing. Ethernet protocol concepts and types. OSI Physical Layer: Signalling and encoding. Physical media. Planning and cabling networks. Basic network configuration and testing.(Four hours lecture in lab.)

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:40-11:30 or by appointment

Prerequisites CTIS 163 & CTIS 165

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Materials:Lecture Notes, assignments and announcements are available on CTIS 261 Moodle web site